Research papers and talks.


  1. Disorientation faults in CSIDH
    Gustavo Banegas, Juliane Krämer, Tanja Lange, Michael Meyer, Lorenz Panny, Krijn Reijnders, Jana Sotáková, Monika Trimoska. 2022.
  2. Efficient Multiplication of Somewhat Small Integers using Number-Theoretic Transforms
    Hanno Becker, Vincent Hwang, Matthias J. Kannwischer, Lorenz Panny and Bo-Yin Yang. IWSEC 2022, Springer LNCS #13504. 2022.
    eprint slides
  3. Entropoids: Groups in Disguise
    Lorenz Panny. MathCrypt 2021 (poster presentation). 2021.
    eprint slides
  4. Improved torsion-point attacks on SIDH variants
    Victoria de Quehen, Péter Kutas, Chris Leonardi, Chloe Martindale, Lorenz Panny, Christophe Petit, and Katherine E. Stange. CRYPTO 2021. 2020.
  5. Guess what?! On the impossibility of unconditionally secure public-key encryption
    Lorenz Panny. Mathematical Cryptology 0(1), 2020, pp. 1–7. 2019.
  6. Rational isogenies from irrational endomorphisms
    Wouter Castryck, Lorenz Panny, and Frederik Vercauteren. EUROCRYPT 2020, Springer LNCS #12106. 2019.
    eprint slides
  7. Isogeny-based hashing despite known endomorphisms
    Lorenz Panny. 2019.
  8. How to not break SIDH
    Chloe Martindale and Lorenz Panny. CFAIL 2019. 2019.
    eprint slides
  9. Quantum Equivalence of the DLP and CDHP for Group Actions
    Steven Galbraith, Lorenz Panny, Benjamin Smith, and Frederik Vercauteren. Mathematical Cryptology 1(1), 2021, pp. 40–44. 2018.
  10. Faster SeaSign signatures through improved rejection sampling
    Thomas Decru, Lorenz Panny, and Frederik Vercauteren. PQCrypto 2019, Springer LNCS #11505. 2018.
  11. Quantum circuits for the CSIDH: optimizing quantum evaluation of isogenies
    Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange, Chloe Martindale, and Lorenz Panny. EUROCRYPT 2019, Springer LNCS #11477. 2018.
    eprint website
  12. CSIDH: An Efficient Post-Quantum Commutative Group Action
    Wouter Castryck, Tanja Lange, Chloe Martindale, Lorenz Panny, and Joost Renes. ASIACRYPT 2018, Springer LNCS #11274. 2018.
    eprint website code slides
  13. HILA5 Pindakaas: On the CCA security of lattice-based encryption with error correction
    Daniel J. Bernstein, Leon Groot Bruinderink, Tanja Lange, and Lorenz Panny. AFRICACRYPT 2018, Springer LNCS #10831. 2017.
    eprint code slides
  14. Foundational (co)datatypes and (co)recursion for higher-order logic
    Julian Biendarra, Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Aymeric Bouzy, Martin Desharnais, Mathias Fleury, Johannes Hölzl, Ondřej Kunčar, Andreas Lochbihler, Fabian Meier, Lorenz Panny, Andrei Popescu, Christian Sternagel, René Thiemann, and Dmitriy Traytel. FroCoS 2017, Springer LNCS #10483. 2017.
  15. Autocorrelation-Based Detection of Infinite Loops at Runtime
    Andreas Ibing, Julian Kirsch, and Lorenz Panny. DASC 2016, IEEE. 2016.
  16. Truly modular (co)datatypes for Isabelle/HOL
    Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Johannes Hölzl, Andreas Lochbihler, Lorenz Panny, Andrei Popescu, and Dmitriy Traytel. ITP 2014, Springer LNCS #8558. 2014.
  17. Primitively (co)recursive definitions for Isabelle/HOL
    Lorenz Panny, Jasmin Christian Blanchette, and Dmitriy Traytel. Isabelle Workshop 2014.
    pdf slides